How the Partnership Works

One Access Point to End Your Homelessness

Why create a one-stop-shop to help people experiencing homelessness navigate the local resources for which they are eligible? While Ada County is home to many vital and helpful service providers, each of them have specific target populations and eligibility criteria that can make it very difficult to figure out where to go if someone experiences a housing crisis. Our Path Home is a communitywide effort to serve those neighbors in crisis. We will be coordinated. We will work rapidly. We will serve our most vulnerable citizens.

Our Path Home is guided by five values:

  1. Serve our most vulnerable neighbors first
  2. Make it easier to access housing
  3. Everyone deserves housing
  4. Designed to consistently respond to changing circumstances
  5. Driven by personal choice and sustained by collaboration

Our Path Home exists to reduce the amount of time households experience homelessness, to reduce the number of people that experience homelessness in the first place and to increase collaboration, coordination and communication among housing partners, service providers, governments, landlords and the community at-large.