What if our community came together to end homelessness?

Instead of asking families to navigate an uncoordinated system of dozens of nonprofit and government agencies, what if we designed a single, streamlined access point for all families experiencing a housing crisis?

We are like an airport hub for ending homelessness, triaging your situation and navigating your way to resources that lead to stable, safe, and healthy housing. It all starts with a visit or a call to Our Path Home.

If you’re a family experiencing homelessness, Our Path Home staff conduct a brief survey with each household and then develop a plan to help access housing as quickly as possible. All of our participating programs coordinate around one prioritized list to serve our most vulnerable neighbors first.

When a housing crisis occurs one call can start your journey home. On the other end of the line will be Our Path Home, a partnership of the Boise City/Ada County Continuum of Care.

If you are a family experiencing homelessness, call us today at 208-495-4240.


Our History

In 2015, a group of nonprofits, government partners, funders came together with the simple vision:  we can end homelessness in Ada County, Idaho. This group, organized around the Boise City/Ada County Continuum of Care, began meeting every other week for two years to design a better response system. We had seen homelessness increasing in our community. Our old response was not enough. We needed a new, innovative approach.

Around the table, we had dozens of programs that represented decades of experiences in this work. Each has a story of transformation. But even in the light of our success, we know that no one agency cannot achieve our shared vision alone. It’s a traumatizing experience for someone to navigate a disjointed system of care – discharged from the ER, to emergency shelter, to myriad application forms, to insufferably long and uncoordinated waiting lists, all in the hope that someone calls to empathetically hear your story. Even if the household enters a program, did the community jointly decide that it was the right program for them and their kids? Did the community collaborate at all?

CATCH was asked by the Continuum of Care to be the lead agency in implementing a public-private partnership called Our Path Home. Our Path Home launched in May 2017. It is a collaboration that creates one access point, one assessment of vulnerability, and one coordinated list for all persons wanting to resolve their housing crisis in Ada County, Idaho. This system of care is the most intentional and collaborative effort in the state of Idaho to end homelessness.




Sara Busick

Our Path Home Program Director
[email protected]

Sara Busick has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and is currently working toward her master’s degree in Social Work. She has 9 years’ experience working with severe and persistently mentally ill individuals, and was most recently the program manager for Region 4’s behavioral health crisis center. She has experience in direct client care, process improvement, stakeholder relations, program development, implementation, and management. Sara is passionate about helping those in need, and she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and exploring the outdoors.